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Since 2008 Daniel has been producing YouTube video’s for the world. Whatever tech he can get his hands on, he’ll take.

Daniel’s enthusiasm for tech is of paramount importance to him. He is the go to tech man or “nerdy nephew” for all the people around him whether it be his friends or close family.

Daniel has nurtured his online community for years and loves sharing new and fun gadgets with the rest of the world.

Live Tech Australia is one of Australia’s most respected voices for technology news and reviews in video form. Live Tech Australia goes further by interviewing the people that matter most from you’re favourite consumer electronics companies to get an in depth view at products that are not provided by any other news site. Live Tech Australia is Australia’s premiere outlet for technology. Focusing on consumer electronics, technology news coverage, product reviews, software tutorials all based on YouTube. You can check out our channel here.

With it’s commitment to the Australian market, Live Tech Australia’s community demographic are mainly from the USA, UK and Australia with India as a close fourth.

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That’s a total reach of 8967 people

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In Q1 of 2016 viewers have watched over 107,515 minutes of our videos.

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